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Here's an experiment I'd like to try with you...

I know from experience that in my remote (over Zoom) university classes, my students really enjoy the writing parties I have during class time.

Just exactly what is a writing party?

The concept is very simple. A writing party is where writers are gathered together, in person or electronically, and we write, separately--yet together.

Simple. But, very powerful.

Writing is a very solitary art form. This adds a human element.

A Podcast Writing Party?

So how, you may ask, would a Podcast writing Party work, since we are not together in real time.

The simple answer is: I don't know. But I'd like to try.

You see, I think there is strength in knowing you are not alone, even if you are in reality, in that moment--alone. You are still connected by the common desire to write TV scripts, and my voice will be with you as you go through the exercises.

Think of my voice like the moon: wherever you are at that moment, just like the moon, you are all witnessing the same thing, even if you are not present together.

Now, these WRITING PARTY PODCASTS are best experienced at home, when you can do exercises I have for you while you listen, and where you are able to read the blog post here that will go along with each Party. So, if you normally listen to a podcast on the go, best to skip the Writing Parties until you can be in a place where you can participate.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think about this. You can leave me a message by voicemail here on the website, or contact me by email.

Hope these parties help you. And, keep writing!

Talk soon,


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